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Cellular Providers

Cellular providers in Iraq can benefit from DijlaNet's countrywide network to interconnect with other providers or facilitate efficient backhaul solutions, in major cities as well as remote or rural locations.

New innovations in cellular infrastructure and unified IP networks enable operators for the first time to pursue rural markets in a more cost-effective way. While fiber optics, leased lines and microwave links are costly to install and maintain in difficult terrain and over long distances, DijlaNet's cellular backhauling via satellite emerges as the ideal solution.

With Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM), features such as time-slot feathering, UDP header compression and free-slot allocation enable iDirect’s solution to generate low jitter, and high-quality voice.

Utilizing DijlaNet's iDirect cellular backhaul solution, cellular operators in Iraq can more profitably extend their reach into remote, rural markets and expand their revenue opportunities.

Cellular Network Diagram

Please click on DijlaNet Platinum for a description of our dedicated wireless service, and DijlaNet Satellite for information on our remote satellite services.

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