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Whether your business is large or small, Iraqi or foreign, it requires reliable broadband Internet connectivity in order to succeed in Iraq's increasingly competitive marketplace. DijlaNet will discuss your Internet requirements with you in order to help your company select the right levels of bandwidth and service. And if you later need to increase or decrease your bandwidth, DijlaNet can immediately adjust your bandwidth levels up or down over your existing equipment.


Large companies with higher bandwidth requirements may wish to use DijlaNet Platinum, which offers dedicated bandwidth in 64kbps increments.

DIJLANET PLATINUM BENEFITS: Unlimited broadband Internet service, supports all applications, unlimited numbers of users. Equipment cost is minimal if your business is located within wireless range of one of DijlaNet's many existing citywide wireless networks. If you require Internet service at a remote site, DijlaNet can provide the identical dedicated service via a low-cost DijlaNet Satellite antenna.

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